The 1st Street Mosaic Project is working with people in Ithaca, NY to design and install a mosaic mural on the wall of the Department of Public Works storage facility across 1st Street from the Ithaca Sciencenter.

The project planning board currently includes: Wes Blauvelt, Leslie Carrere,  Margaret Corbit,  Carla Stetson, Annemarie Zwack, Louisa and Gil Sandvik,  and advising teachers and community members…..  the numbers are growing.

Meet our Team of Artists



Wes Blauvelt, a retired health care executive, brings his expertise in program management to the project. He is also an officer of the Cayuga Bird Club, with a deep understanding of the local avian fauna. Wes and Corbit both apprenticed with Isaiah Zagar, whose mosaic method we use.



img_8602Leslie Carrere holds an master degree in Collaborative Art and Science with Community form the State University of New York.






CorbitMargaret Corbit holds a masters degree in Plant Ecology from Cornell where she worked for 24 years in STEM outreach, 9 at the Cornell Botanical Garden. She is a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators.




Louisa Sandvik, recently retired from teaching at Boynton Middle School, in Ithaca, is a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. She is a people person, and an activist.



img_2324Annemarie Zwack is a visual artist who specializes in community built public art. To find out why she is so passionate about community built mosaics, check out her TEDx talk about it!



Also on board in year one (and creator of the red eft), Carla Stetson is an artist and chair of the art department at Ithaca College. She initiated our involvement with Ithaca College’s Community Plunge volunteer program.

The project is endorsed by the Ithaca Public Arts Commission and Mayor Svante Myrick, as well as the Ithaca Housing Authority.

We have worked with the Ithaca Youth Bureau, Boynton Middle School, the Sciencenter, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County, the Ithaca Children’s Garden, Cornell Plantations and Ithaca College. Our tiles and other materials are donated by community members, including local contractors.

Each year the Ithaca Youth Bureau’s Youth Employment Services (YES) has provided apprentices for the installation week. These young women, aged 14-16, assisted with prep jobs that made the project possible. And they joined us to apply the cartoon, install the tiles and grout the wall.

Each year Community Plunge volunteers, from Ithaca College, dove into the work applying the tiles and then grouting during our community build weekends. Some of these wonderful volunteers stop back to see the progress and even joined in the cleanup effort!










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