Ithaca Times, April 2017


Community Mosaics: Introductory Workshop


Join us in August for a 3-day workshop that will give you an introduction to the process and techniques we have used at the 1st Street Mosaic Project since 2014. The weekend will include a hands-on installation experience for all participants. We are limiting the participant number to 4-6 adults over the age of 18, no experience needed. We hope to attract a range of interests. Discussions will cover the planning process, fundraising options, ways to engage different parts of your community, and our variation on the design and installation techniques developed at Philadelphia’s Magic Garden. Specifically, we have adapted Isaiah Zagar’s approach to a more collaborative process. Fee: $350 per person. To get more information, please fill in the form below expressing your interest in coming and include any questions you might have.

Community Arts Partnership Award

Congrats Community! The Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County awarded the 1st St. Mosaic Project an arts education grant to help fund our 2017 IthAquatica themed work. The amount of the grant is less than 10% of our annual budget, but it is big in terms of the community endorsement of our on-going efforts. Every bit helps! If you’d like to show your support in the form of a donation, it is completely tax deductible! Thanks for making a difference.wateringcan

October Open Workshop

Thanks to all who dropped by! We had almost 50 visitors.


Finished Product: Power Plants 2014

Power Plants! Fueled by the Sun, plants feed the world (well, most of it).

Power Plants! Fueled by the Sun, plants feed the world (well, most of it). 35′ of mosaic wonders .

Click and Zoom to see details.

It’s Up!

On August 22 and 23, we worked with ~ 20 peopleĀ each day to install the 35′ Power Plants section of the 1st Street Mosaic.


Students had a hands on experience with tiling and grouting.

Ithaca College Community Plunge students had a hands on experience with tiling and grouting.



Blobs are concrete collages decorated with tiles and broken pottery. Ours ranged from a leaf for Carla’s red newt (below) to a ground for Annemarie’s bee hive. Corbit used blobs for leaves and flowers on her milkweed plant. Leslie and Wes stuck to custom tilemaking. All these went up on the wall in a thunderstorm on August 22nd. Sigh. But we made it.

Blob Production